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Project Examples

Counterinsurgency, Irregular Warfare

Top US defense contractor needed independent assessment of US DoD evolving counterinsurgency, irregular warfare operations opportunities with growing emphasis on Stability, Security, Training, Reconstruction Operations vs. traditional heavy combat. Particular focus on future requirements (products, services) near term, next 5 years? Extensive independent intel assembled from key planning, program offices, commands Army, AF, Navy, Marines, Special Ops, Defense Wide. This  incremental guidance on key opportunity directions provided strategic direction for company internal investments, augmenting of key capabilities, enabling new growth initiative planning in multiple new growth areas.

Drone Detection, Counter UAS

Company with unique drone technology (identify, auto detect) required custom guidance on this growing opportunity amidst rapidly evolving regulations. Assignment provided independent, incremental intel from 25+ top SMEs on future requirements, design features, competitive landscape, near-term opportunities, strategy direction critical to client planning.

Tactical Military Communications

Defense contractor needing custom research, strategy guidance changing tactical communications landscape. Assignment analyzed evolving requirements for higher-data rates, enhanced battlefield situational awareness, related mission enhancements. Research reviewed existing programs of record, changing requirements, securing detailed input directly from key program managers on current solutions, unmet  needs, other subjects critical interest to client for client product design, pursuit planning, investments

Private Security Guards-US DoD, Defense Contractor Facilities

Global security services company seeking to grow Facility Support, Security Guard Patrol, and Fire Protection Services business to U.S. military bases and defense contractor facilities. Outsourcing was a priority as a way to stretch available manpower. Key deliverables total addressable market size based on annual spend, annual billed hours, need for security clearances (FOCI issues), set-a-sides for small business categories, annual spend by department/agency for large and small business, expiration dates of contracts, and average billing rate/wage rates. This guidance plus direct feedback from SMEs at multiple base locations enabled company to make critical decisions on contract pursuits, staffing investments, resource deployment. Assignment also enabled this U.S. client team to demonstrate the attractiveness of this opportunity to its European parent, securing corporate investment for building capabilities to support new revenue growth in this key U.S, security guarding segment

Military Training-Virtual Web Based

Military contractor required an independent custom assessment of future business potential for new virtual training solutions in combat vehicles, aircraft, test ranges, mission rehearsal, logistics, other applications. Key training command opportunities were developing at PEO STRI, RDECOM, USSOCOM for expertise in Platforms, Tool and Content Development, Computer Hardware and Accessories, Third Party Developers, Mobile Device Manufacturers, Wireless Carriers-Voice and Data Services, Software Makers, Internet Companies, and Systems Integrators). This tailored research project provided detailed analysis of current and future opportunities, specific segments in the fast-changing value chain where company should stake out technology dominance, potential acquisition candidates, competitive strategies, detailed recommendations for new growth. 

Portable Power Solutions-US Military Devices and Platforms

Custom power provider (soldier radios, mobile devices) seeking to identify other high-growth pursuits (special ops, related missions). Custom research analyzed, identified: missiles, targets, portable land sensors, ruggedized mobile computers, UAVs, vehicle subsystems as relevant to company unique capabilities. Direct research with key OEMs, program offices, other SMEs secured in-depth insight unmet needs, changing requirements, competition, new technologies, all enabling company to define product, program focus,  accelerate revenues.

Systems Integration.jpg

Government Technical Support Services

Systems engineering, systems integration, technical, professional services company seeking to better organize and align diverse, fragmented, overlapping business units to changing defense, homeland security, related government program opportunities. Client business units traditionally operated in niche, localized areas, staying abreast of known recompetes and logical opportunities for migration, but lacking cross-SBU leverage. Client primary goal was to strengthen program participation, identify and pursue strategic positions where it could provide multiple business unit content, and step up to a higher-level solution provider. Assignment identified, calculated, and described the major growth-opportunity areas, coordinating directly with individual business units as appropriate. Calculations included both addressable as well as available market potential.

PNT (Positioning Navigation, Timing) Solutions

Company with unique signal efficiency, size, weight, power capability for PNT required independent assessment of market opportunity. GPS improvement is a top priority for naval, defense mission, tactical planning (weapon employment, communication, assured command, control). Project assessed PNT opportunity landscape, current suppliers, emerging technologies, naval, future programs. Extensive research with key SMEs to supplement data, analysis future spending, detailed recommendations. 

US Naval Shipbuilder Future Growth-New Directions

Considering opportunity to broaden business in new ship systems area, requiring independent research incremental to what could be assembled internally, tailored directly to its unique interests. Assignment relied heavily on in-depth feedback from current naval integrators, US Navy program, research managers, other shipbuilders. Major topics: current solutions, drivers for change, future ship design implications, USN interest, adoption, fleet implementation timetable, key challenges, what will provide a real advantage vs. current suppliers. Project enabled company to objectively assess opportunity, determine actions it should take. 

Auxiliary Power-Weapon Systems, Undersea Warfare, UAVs/UUVs

Custom lithium-ion battery supplier (high power density, lightweight, long-duration solutions) seeking growth in onboard power at sea market (emergency backup, lighting, engine starting,  auxiliary systems). Project assessed opportunities in multiple segments, market size (#battery packs consumed annually, dollar value), existing and new Naval program opportunities, funding levels, participating OEMs, current suppliers (pack assemblers, cell suppliers, internal development), competition (lithium, nickel, alkaline, lead acid), detailed recommendation, market strategy.

Electro-Optical Imaging, Motion Control, Unmanned

Company seeking to expand business in US, UK, Germany, France, Israel unmanned, naval, related programs. Assignment identified,  researched (per company’s unique criteria) major opportunities, timing, opportunity potential, narrowing to 17 recommended pursuits, including competitive intel, capture strategy recommendations

Accelerating Client Growth-Delivering Consistent Value

"On behalf of Rockwell Collins Government Systems, thank you and your staff for work you recently completed on the European Defense Communications Market. You continuously performed in a professional manner while conducting the primary and secondary research, data and analysis and development of strategic implications.

We understand the importance of factual market data that enables sound business decisions. Your efforts allowed us to develop a five-year plan to address this. I'm especially appreciative of your willingness to adjust scope as required after senior management reviews. Your flexibility and ability to interface with the in country decision-makers made this project a success. Again, thank you for all your efforts in bringing this complex project to fruition." Strategic Development Manager, Rockwell Collins

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