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Homeland Security Market Research
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Command and Control

Project Examples
Border Crossing

1-US Border Crossings-Vehicle Barrier, Arresting Systems

Leading manufacturer of trailer-mounted gas turbine engines seeking business growth in applications needing reliable power with significant logistics constraints (temporary field hospitals, emergency shelters, tent hospitals, mobile emergency rooms). Assignment analyzed competitive landscape, secured in-depth feedback directly from key decision-makers, end users, packagers, rental companies, other distribution channels on requirements, changing needs, funding sources. Extensive  research data on market growth U.S., global regions, pricing, potential market share, time-to-market, all tailored to client solutions and specific interests. Detailed recommendations on initial customer targets, highest potential global regions, and channel strategies provided company with critical guidance for rapid success. 


2-CBRNE Detection Solutions-Homeland Security

Manufacturer gas detection instruments, breathing apparatus, related protective safety equipment fire rescue, law enforcement seeking to diversify business into growing homeland security market, targeting need for advanced instrumentation to monitor terrorist threats, complex airborne chemical, biological, radiological-nuclear, explosive agents. Direct competitors already making inroads. Assignment provided detailed program level analysis, identifying top opportunity pursuits, key agencies, capture strategies, market size and potential, competitor positions, a detailed sales roadmap to penetrate this highly dynamic area. Included key feedback from top decision-makers local, state, federal government agencies. Company able to greatly accelerate revenue generation, secure incumbent positions major programs. 

Dept. Homeland Security

3-Department of Homeland Security-IT, Cyber Security Solutions

Leading supplier government IT equipment and services (cyber security, emergency communications, secure networks, preparedness response and recovery, biometrics for civilian, defense agencies required outside, expert view of 5-year  potential in DHS agencies. Key targets included Customs & Border Protection, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, TSA, Coast Guard, U.S. Secret Service, National Protection and Programs Directorate, FEMA, and U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services. Multi-page spreadsheets were developed showing specific addressable programs, percent and value for client addressable content, projected timetable, each opportunity scored high, medium, low many including direct input from key program experts. Company gained greater insight on opportunities relevant to its capabilities which accelerated its internal planning process, selecting specific pursuits with nearest-term payoff, long term leverage.

Tactical Communiocations

4-Advanced Tactical Communications-Law Enforcement, Fire, First Responders

Provider of wireless communications, with new protective headset for ultra-clear communications in high noise environments,

seeking to expand business to domestic law enforcement for riot control, tactical teams, border patrol, anti-terrorism, fire protection, public safety, Coast Guard, FEMA, and other government agencies. Prior to investing in new market group  company needed validation of market interest, growth potential, pricing, major customer targets, key competitor comparisons, a long-term strategy. Project provided detailed analysis of business potential by each market, key programs, extensive direct research with key decision-makers to better understand current requirements, current solutions, unmet needs, future requirements, suggestions market strategy. This initial product offering became key building block in a series of new offerings for company domestic security product portfolio.

Critical Infrastructure

5-Physical Security Systems Critical Infrastructure

Supplier of unique barrier systems for defense applications seeking new business in broader homeland security critical infrastructure market. Solution designed to address heavy truck and related vehicle threats. Assignment analyzed Nuclear Power Plants, Military Bases, Chemical Plants, Oil & Gas Refineries, National Labs, Border Crossings, Embassies, Airports, Electricity and Coal Fired Plants, Dams, Coast Guard & Maritime, Courthouses, Historic Landmarks, Public Assembly and Sporting Venues, Pharmaceutical Labs, Hospitals, Railroads, Mass Transit, Reservoirs, and others. Detailed recommendations included: most attractive markets, design recommendations per end-customer needs, addressable market size, growth potential, achievable market share, recommended market entry strategies, risks and rewards, top sales prospects, Current and future contract opportunities? In narrowing the larger market to most attractive segments, key filtering criteria were developed including: Is there a physical security requirement mandate or regulation? Potential for catastrophic damage? Liability concern? Need for aesthetics? Mobile- portable flexibility interest? This enabled company to significantly accelerate its business planning and sales implementation.

6-Aerial Tankers, Drones, Ground Vehicles-US, Global Forest Fire Fighting Market

Government contractor (manned aircraft, advanced imaging, drones, ground vehicles, communications, training, logistics) seeking business growth US, global forest fire market. Mounting problem driving government spending.  Project identified contract (buy, lease option) opportunities where company should deliver competitive advantage: agency, policies, budgeting and spending, drivers for change); identified existing and needed technology tools; feedback on likely interest for client solutions; market size and growth in key opportunity segments; recommended strategies client business teams should pursue; key competitors, solutions, and strategies; including extensive input from 40 experts, key decision-makers US federal agencies Dept Agriculture, Forest Service, state and municipal agencies, other firefighting and fire management experts. Overall assignment delivered assessment tailored directly to company interests,  enabling them to develop specific action steps to shape future requirements in the direction of its particular solutions and experience. As increased funding developed in forest fire and prevention company able to win sizable new contracts, also establish long-term leverageable credentials for future wins. interest? This enabled company to significantly accelerate its business planning and sales implementation.

Accelerating Client Growth-Delivering Consistent Value

"On behalf of BAE Systems Technology Solutions Sector, my sincere thanks to you and the experienced staff of STS Research Group for your recent help and support of our integrated business plan and market segmentation efforts. We are seeking to transform our business at a number of levels, and must have a current, quantitative understanding of addressable market opportunities, and where our solutions will best apply. This research project  was an independent, original analysis and rationale that identified and described major growth opportunities for our sector across Army, Navy, Air Force, Defense-Wide and Homeland security budget areas. STS Research Group planned, managed, and coordinated the project carefully, interfaced very well with our multiple business units, provided a comprehensive level of organized detail tailored to our specific interests, completing and presenting this large-scale analysis on time and within budget." VP Business Development, BAE Systems Technology Solutions Sector

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