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Public Health Market Research

Logistics Supply Chain Management

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Engineering Rapid-Build 

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Bio-Surveillance, Detection,

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Civilian, Military  Emergency Preparedness

Project Examples-Public Health Services and Infrastructure
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Mobile Power For Emergency Shelters, Tent Hospitals, Structures in Harsh, Remote Areas

Leading manufacturer of trailer-mounted gas turbine engines seeking business growth in applications needing reliable power with significant logistics constraints (temporary field hospitals, emergency shelters, tent hospitals, mobile emergency rooms). Assignment analyzed competitive landscape, secured in-depth feedback directly from key decision-makers, end users, packagers, rental companies, other distribution channels on requirements, changing needs, funding sources. Extensive  research data on market growth U.S., global regions, pricing, potential market share, time-to-market, all tailored to client solutions and specific interests. Detailed recommendations on initial customer targets, highest potential global regions, and channel strategies provided company with critical guidance for rapid success. 


Bio-Surveillance Sensors, Signal Processing For Public Health, Public Safety

Company specializing in sensors, signal processing, and optics required a custom analysis of new Homeland Security, Defense, and civilian Public Health program opportunities (Border Surveillance Systems BSS, Countering Weapons Mass Destruction BioWatch, Project BioShield, BioNet, FDA, USDA, HHS related initiatives). Assessment narrowed program budgets to discretionary (electable) and non-discretionary content by client unique capabilities, identifying top 75 highest-potential opportunities with detailed rationale, full documentation. Custom analysis enabled client to precisely direct resources to those pursuits with greatest addressable content and win potential, secure pivotal incumbent positions for current and future program leverage, greatly accelerating revenue generation in a high-growth dynamic market.     

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Military Advanced Imaging, Processing Technology For Bio-Medical Research, Drug Discovery, Screening  

Leader in advanced solutions to acquire, image, analyze data for military applications seeking new growth in bio-medical market areas requiring improvement in speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness for micro-array analysis. Assignment assessed interest among multiple public health segments including genomics, bio-medical research, screening, and drug discovery. Project secured in-depth feedback from multiple public health SMEs on client solution and unique capabilities regarding advantages, disadvantages, applications, purchase interest, pricing, competition. Project recommended potential go-to-market strategies including investors, medical partners, affiliates, licensees, and outside venture capitalists. Highly detailed feedback from tailored research project gave company critical guidance on potential value propositions, motivating factors, competitive landscape, all greatly accelerating internal decision making and diversification planning. 

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Aerospace-Defense Vibration, Motion Control Technology For Medical Devices   

Technology company traditionally serving aerospace-defense applications with a need to control noise, vibration, and shock for critical performance was seeking business diversification in Public Health medical devices for continued growth. Project identified potential interest among medical experts involved with treatments controlling tremors, shaking, balance, other symptoms associated with central nervous system (CNS) disorders, similar conditions). Research execution utilized a detailed concept describing client solution capabilities, assembly of a in-house database of relevant healthcare professional, extensive primary research interviews securing in-depth feedback on current solutions, changing and unmet needs, potential advantages, disadvantages of client concept. This critical research project answered most critical client questions of potential attractiveness of its solution, allowing company to move toward market entry.     

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Strategic Partner Candidate Research For Medical Device Market Entry 

Technology developer, manufacturer of differentiated solutions for various industries, had developed a proven new medical market solution. However, lacking its own infrastructure (medical distribution channels, sales and marketing teams) at that point, they needed to identify and assess potential strategic partner candidates already well-established in the medical market. This assignment researched and screened 25+ potential candidates per key criteria (size, position, product line focus, financial strength, partnership oriented, technical fit, other factors) narrowing to 5 most attractive prospects, then analyzing each with extensive detail with additional in-depth feedback. This guidance greatly accelerating this company’s successful diversification and market entry in a key medical market.  


Telework, Telemedicine, IT Solutions For Civilian Public Health, Defense Agency Programs

Government IT contractor providing mission-critical services, integrated secure communications, survivable network components, and related technology services for Civilian, Defense programs required an independent assessment of five-year future business potential in DoD, VA, DHS, HHS, DoS, Commerce programs. Key interests included Bio-Surveillance, Continuity of Operations, Telework, Telemedicine all receiving incremental funding. Project involved in-depth analysis of relevant, addressable programs, addressable calculations across different client capability subsets, recommendations on defensible advantages client could best leverage, competitive landscape, timing, estimated market share, revenue potential. Assignment greatly accelerated client understanding of key opportunities, select specific initiatives with nearest-term payoff (1-2 years), longer-term programs (3-5 year payoff to guide sales priorities, technology investments, partnerships, acquisitions, and new personnel hiring.

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Logistics, Warehousing, Supply Chain Management for Public Health, Defense Contracts

Government contractor with multiple capabilities (logistics, supply chain management, warehousing, distribution, tracking handling, security systems integration, modeling and simulation). Seeing government spending shifts to Public Health, Safety, Homeland Security, new DoD priorities, they needed an outside expert assessment of key target opportunities to meet corporate goal to evolve to higher-level solution provider. Custom project analyzed multiple federal agency programs (HHS, FDA, DoD, VA, CDC), competitors, recommending strategies to secure near term, long-term dominance (organic, inorganic). Project was executed with client team in close coordination with 6 business units. Assignment enabled client to compare internal views, rapidly implement targeted BD effort, guide M&A efforts.

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Biological, Chemical Detection, Protective Safety Equipment For Public Health, Military 

Manufacturer of gas-detection instruments, protective safety equipment for industrial, fire rescue, and law enforcement customers was seeking new business growth in Public Health and Defense for fixed and portable monitoring of Chem-Bio  WMD threats. DoD, Civilian agencies were increasing investments in new sensors, detectors, focal planes, standoff detection, remote early warning for first responders and war fighters to meet expected increase in threats. New opportunities (DTRA, DARPA,  SOCOM, Edgewood Chem Bio, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, DOE Labs). Assignment developed program level analysis identifying major opportunities for company specific capabilities, key agencies with budgeted programs of record, market size and potential, competitive landscape, detailed implementation roadmap.

Accelerating Client Growth-Delivering Consistent Value
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"Thank you for the excellent research and analysis you recently completed for MSA Safety. In this assignment our goal was to develop an independent assessment and understanding of current practices, changing customer requirements, and future expectations at a number of levels. We appreciated your fine support and would be pleased to provide a positive reference to STS Research Group for future client projects you may be bidding." Global Program Manager, Wireless & Data Analytics-MSA Safety  

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