Our firm conducts custom market research and strategy assignments for clients seeking new growth in Airports, Aviation, Defense, Homeland Security, and Space markets. All projects are tailored to particular client requirements

Since 1999 we've helped top aerospace-defense clients accelerate successful business growth and diversification in these markets as US and global governments and industries shift investment to new priorities and new technology-driven solutions to meet evolving needs and requirements. 

Custom Research Projects
  • New Market Opportunity Assessment

  • New Product Business Potential Analysis 

  • Acquisition Candidates-Identification, Screening

  • Govt. Budget Analysis-Addressable Pursuits

  • Govt. Contracts-Tracking, Updates, Alerts

  • Program Capture, Proposal Support, Competitive Price To Win

  • Technology Co-Venture Partners-Identification, Assessment 

  • Sales Opportunities-Identification, Key Prospect Research

Highest Value
  • Experienced research teams, relevant technology and domain expertise, confidential execution

  • Ramp up rapidly, project execution with scheduled updates, close coordination for client feedback

  • Research, analysis, recommendations incremental to what clients can develop internally

  • Most projects involve in-depth SME engagement with multiple experts  

  • Detailed findings, conclusions, recommendations on specific actions clients should implement 

Client Examples 
STS Client List 12-9-19.png

Our clients need more than general market research. They bring unique technologies and capabilities to these markets. They require detailed supported recommendations on top customer channels, usage areas, applications, design requirements, customer decision criteria, market strategy, pricing, competition, potential revenue, growth, and timing.  

 New growth is not easy. Inside these organizations are different opinions about directions to pursue. 

We provide expert insight, analysis, and critical incremental detail on opportunities which is difficult and time-consuming for clients to obtain on their own. Clients can then make more confident investment and expansion decisions which they otherwise could not make. 

All our assignments are executed confidentially, commonly under an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). Please call us at 781 245-6376 in Boston, MA to discuss how we can be of assistance to your new business growth.


What do our clients say about us? See Client Recommendations on STS Senior Partner, Steve Shea's LinkedIn profile

Accelerating Client Growth-Delivering Consistent Value

"Thank you and your staff for the excellent work you did in support of our strategic business planning for new growth initiatives at Lockheed Martin Corporate Engineering and Technology. 

STS Research Group planned, managed, and coordinated this project carefully, interfaced very well with our multiple business units, provided a comprehensive level of organized detail tailored to our specific interests, completed and presented this analysis on time and within budget.


You clearly met our expectations and we greatly appreciate the value your firm delivered." Director, Lockheed Martin Corporate Strategy

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