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Biosafety and Bioterrorism Technology Strategies
US Government Preparedness and Response 

This pandemic is a wake up call to US DoD, global MoD's, Public Health, Public Safety agencies, supporting Infrastructures.

Whether accidental or intentional release, the pandemic's catastrophic impacts are clearly redirecting government investment and program priorities. 

Bad actors see the lethal impact and disruption. US and other governments won't let this happen again. 

Companies with relevant capabilities must plan now to better understand evolving US Government CONOPS (Concepts of Operations) for biosafety and bioterrorism preparedness and response. How these programs will implement, integrate across DoD domains, Civil Agencies, Infrastructures. Suppliers need to take informed steps, with expert research, to reshape requirements for mutual benefit, secure incumbent positions.  

Does your company have unique capabilities for biosafety and bioterrorism preparedness and response? Do you want to accelerate identification of new, relevant government programs with addressable content? Need guidance on evolving requirements and unmet needs so your PWin (Probability of Winning) is maximized?    

Our firm, Boston-based, offers extensive experience and unique credentials with many clients serving these markets. We help them with custom market research, strategy, in-depth supported recommendations to secure positions in key government agencies and programs.


Especially in times when requirements and investment are moving in new directions. 

All assignments are executed confidentially, commonly under an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). 

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Accelerating Client Growth-Delivering Consistent Value
  • New Opportunity Assessment

  • New Solution (Product, System, Platform) Research

  • Multiple Opportunities, Highest Potentials, Research Assessment

  • Acquisition Candidates, Key Segments, Potential Targets, Recommendations 

  • US and Global Govt. Program Opportunities, Top Addressable Targets, Key Requirements

  • Govt. Program Capture Support, Price To Win, Competitive Analysis, Proposal Strategy  

  • Technology Partner (Co-Venture) Candidates, Potential Targets, Assessment, Recommendations

  • Marketing, Sales, Business Plan Strategy, Preparation Support

Custom Market Research

 Strategy Projects

"Thank you and your staff for the excellent work you did in support of our strategic business planning for new growth initiatives at Lockheed Martin Corporate Engineering and Technology. 

STS Research Group planned, managed, and coordinated this project carefully, interfaced very well with our multiple business units, provided a comprehensive level of organized detail tailored to our specific interests, completed and presented this analysis on time and within budget.


You clearly met our expectations and we greatly appreciate the value your firm delivered." Director, Lockheed Martin Corporate Strategy

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