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STS Research Group
Types of Projects

New Market Entry Planning 


New, Different Product Concepts-Opportunity Assessment


Acquisition Candidate(s) Identification and Screening


Future Technology Roadmap Support Research


Key Competitor Intelligence, Future Strategies 


Government Program Capture, Proposal Support, Price To Win 


New Sales Opportunities Identification, Qualification


Subject Matter Expert Research-Tailored Assignments    

Our firm conducts custom market research and strategy assignments for companies seeking new growth and diversification in Aviation, Space, Defense and Energy markets. All projects are tailored to individual client interests and requirements. 

Now undergoing major changes, these markets increasingly require differentiated technology solutions which are resilient and innovative vs. traditional legacy-incumbent offerings. Our clients place high value on gaining in-depth understanding of customer and prospect current and evolving needs and problems. They also need actionable feedback to new solution concepts, changing procurement practices, competitive options.

We maintain a broad range of Aviation, Space, Defense and Energy market contacts. All projects involve extensive, in-depth B2B engagement. We have unique skills in conducting custom research and strategy projects that require extensive intel gathering directly from decision-makers, key influencers, and other SMEs. 

Companies we support directly apply our independent guidance to their step by step new solution design, and downstream market and shaping strategies.


Client Examples











All our projects are executed confidentially, commonly under an NDA Non Disclosure Agreement.

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To see what our clients say about us please view testimonials throughout this site. Also see recommendations on our Senior Partner Steve Shea LinkedIn profile

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Accelerating Client Growth-Delivering Consistent Value

Thank you and your staff for the excellent work in support of our strategic planning for new growth initiatives at Lockheed Corporate Engineering and Technology. STS Research Group planned, managed, and coordinated this project carefully, interfaced well with our multiple business units, provided a comprehensive level of organized detail tailored to our specific interests on time and within budget. You clearly met our expectations. Director, Corporate Strategy, Lockheed Martin

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