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STS Research Group Project Execution

Project Execution

Our clients continually review their market strategies and product roadmaps to gain new understanding of where their solutions have new growth potential--across the spectrum of applications. As new opportunities develop, they must understand market needs, how fast these are evolving, other key factors.

Our custom aviation market research, space market research, and defense market research provide clients with incremental, in-depth and actionable understanding of new opportunities which are foundational to their revenue and market share growth. We maintain an extensive range of Aviation, Space, and Defense industry contacts. All our projects involve in-depth engagement with multiple subject matter experts and key decision makers.
We work closely with client project teams including product managers, marketing, sales, program management, value stream leaders, engineering, and other disciplines to provide this critical guidance above and beyond what they can develop internally. 

Our emphasis is strictly on new growth opportunities: changing needs, requirements, how our clients can win business, different capabilities, solutions to offer. Our custom market research provides fresh insights for their business growth and new product development. It helps point their compass to the most attractive channels, highest-potential growth targets, nearest term revenues, defining what's worth investing in and worth pursuing?

Project Scopes

Our custom market research projects may involve researching business potential for a future platform, system, product, component or service.  These include:


  • New Market Entry Planning 


  • New Product Opportunity Assessment


  • Acquisition Candidate(s) Identification and Screening


  • Future Technology Roadmap Support Research


  • Key Competitor Intelligence, Future Strategies 


  • Government Program Capture, Proposal Support, Price To Win 


  • New Sales Opportunities Identification, Qualification


  • Subject Matter Expert Research-Tailored Assignments 

 Project Deliverables-Examples

  • What are target customers using now? Likes, dislikes of current solutions? Unmet needs? How are needs changing? Future expectations? 


  • Potential problems, applications, type of operations where these solutions must operate successfully, most important new capabilities, reasons why?


  • Current systems? Performance? How these should be enhanced? Advantages of these improvements to different segments? 

  • What do customers in this new area value most? How are target accounts structured? 

  • How will customers decide what they want, evaluate and award contracts? Changes in procurement practices? Purchase process? Lifecycle, cost of ownership importance? Price and performance criteria?


  • Best practices, strategies current key suppliers use to be successful in securing new content on major commercial, government systems, programs?

  • What other key changes are taking place in this market? Emerging technologies? Integrated solutions? New regulations? Changing U.S. vs. Global  Practices? Political climate? Industry consolidation, mega mergers? Primes and first-tier suppliers reshaping their portfolios, gaining more influence on procurement decisions?

  • What other, related applications represent nearest term opportunities? 

  • Examples of other industries pursuing similar solutions?  What do these teach us? 

  • Reaction to specific client new product concepts, features and benefits? What differentiated value does the customer feel these offer? Use Cases? Questions? Can this be disruptive to the broader market, or only select segments? 

  • Particular customers and program opportunities should we target first? How do we get qualified and selected? 

  • What other internal capabilities could we leverage into new areas of opportunity? What technologies and skills should we acquire, or license, for value chain leverage and profitability?

  • New design or retrofit challenges? Suggestions? 


  • Other applications, operations where these offerings could provide value?


  • What additional support services, upgrades, accessories, aftermarket solutions will strengthen our market positions?


  • Acquisition candidates: Current strategy? Recent changes? Problems? Management issues? Customer positions? Underperforming areas? Other (strengths, weaknesses, issues)?


  • Interest in learning more about our client and its solutions?  Other suggestions? Ideas? Other experts to talk with? Anything else?

Project Timeline

At the start of each project, a final report "shell" is developed. This details objectives, assumptions, flow, format, content, research sources, methodology, and level of detail to  be delivered. This includes example slides showing intended levels of detail to be delivered.

This insures we all have a shared vision of what will be presented at  project completion, clarify any questions early in the process, starting the way we all want to finish. 

We provide scheduled updates as our research and analysis unfolds so we all have a shared view of the opportunity picture as it develops. 

Progress review dates are established at the beginning of the project. These dates are set at the 25%, 50%, 75%, and Final Presentation delivery points.


As the information, analysis, and interim findings and conclusions take shape, these progress reviews allow for client redirection and refinement. 

Collins Aerospace.JPG

Thank you and your staff for your recent work on the European Defense Communications Market. You continuously performed in a professional manner while conducting primary, secondary research, data, analysis, strategic implications. Your efforts allowed us to develop a five-year plan to address this. I'm especially appreciative of your willingness to adjust scope after senior management reviews. Your flexibility,  ability to interface with in country decision-makers made this project a success. Thank you for all your efforts in bringing this complex project to fruition." Strategic Development Manager, Rockwell Collins 

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