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Critical Infrastructure Market Research-Project Examples
Critical Infrastructure Market Research

1-Physical Perimeter Security-Nuclear, Chemical Plants, National Labs, Power Grids, Water Supplies, Dams Hydro

Supplier of unique barrier systems for military applications seeking new business in broader critical infrastructure market. Solution designed to address heavy truck and related vehicle threats. Assignment analyzed Nuclear, Chemical Plants, National Labs, Power Grids, Water Supplies, Dams Hydro and others. Detailed recommendations included: most attractive markets, design recommendations per end-customer needs, addressable market size, growth potential, achievable market share, recommended market entry strategies, risks and rewards, top sales prospects, Current and future contract opportunities? In narrowing the larger market to most attractive segments, key filtering criteria were developed including: Is there a physical security requirement mandate or regulation? Potential for catastrophic damage? Liability concern? Need for aesthetics? Mobile- portable flexibility interest? This enabled company to significantly accelerate its business planning and sales implementation.

2-Power Utility Inspection-Unmanned Aircraft-Generation, Transmission, Distribution Operations

Provider unmanned aircraft systems for US and global military seeking to diversify business in power utilities. Traditionally using staff labor, fixed wing, helicopter now seeing lower cost and improved safety (less liability) with drones w/ advanced imaging surveillance, automated, remote sensing for improved inspection data gathering.   Changing BVLOS regulations (with adequate safety measures in place) also key factor. Prior to market entry, company required custom market research to identify highest margin applications, pricing for maximum total addressable market share, and market channel strategies. Project involved extensive interviews with key decision makers  (Transmission, Distribution, Power Generation) top U.S. power utilities (Duke Energy, San Diego Gas and Electric, Hawaiian Electric Companies, Southern Georgia Power, Ameren, Consumers Energy, others) including Technology Development Managers, Transmission Specialists, Grid Infrastructure Managers, UAV Operations, Maintenance  Inspection Operations.​ Research secured critical insights on manned and unmanned solutions deployed, competitive approaches, changing needs, decision process to engage a new UAS supplier. Final calculations also used in-house market intelligence and select secondary data.  This project provided in-depth guidance about power utility market tailored to company unique offerings and interests, use cases to emphasize with specific prospects, accelerating implementation of targeted sales plan.

3-Mobile Power, Critical Maintenance-Utility Grid Energy Transmission

Supplier (traditionally serving military customers) with compact, trailerable gas powered generators seeking business growth in commercial electric utility repair and maintenance. Mandated to maintain grid stability and more system control, electric utilities now seeking solutions with high availability and reliability to reduce risk of service outages and lost revenue. In particular, solutions offering modularity, portability, standby-emergency power was of interest for black starts, outages using balance of plant (BoP) equipment including standby power, blowers, compressors, and related. Assignment analyzed opportunity in detail, including direct interviews key plant personnel at major utilities on current and changing requirements across generation, transmission, and distribution operations. This included plant personnel, maintenance, contractors, other OEMs, ISPs (independent service providers), other experts-actively seeking better solutions for renewable integration, reliability, self-healing, energy efficiency, resilience to physical and cyber attacks, improved control of grid architectures, continuous real-time operation (current solutions, changing needs, unmet requirements, features of greatest interest, pricing, qualification, contracting approach). Assignment gave company comprehensive understanding of this opportunity, tailored to its unique solutions, enabling them to make critical decisions on product design, target applications, pricing, potential revenues, market share-greatly accelerating company’ time-to-market, ultimate success.

4-Water Supply, Treatment-Analytical Instrumentation, Portable Desalination, Flood Abatement

1-Water Quality Analytical Instrumentation-VOCs: assessment of market potential of new line of instrumentation for in situ real-time detection and monitoring of volatile organic compounds for industrial, municipal, and agricultural facilities (to comply with NPDES permitting). Its new solutions offered faster, repeatable, lower cost analyses options to traditional sample based techniques. 2-Mobile Wastewater Treatment: analysis of industry interest in new, mobile, portable treatment solutions for wastewater at remotely located frac sites, other rural applications. 3-Portable Desalination: market opportunity analysis of new power system solution for mobile industrial desalination for reusing-repurposing saline water for critical processes, and providing sustainable sources of fresh water for various applications including hydraulic fracturing wastewater treatment. 4-Water Flood Abatement: analysis of opportunity for high-power systems to drive dewatering pumps deployed during major storms (hurricanes, natural disasters), for flood control and storm water applications.

5-Bridge Structures-Vibration Damping Technology

Supplier adhesives, coatings, motion control solutions seeking to evaluate market potential in cable-stayed bridge structures, commercial bridge overpasses for new vibration damping system. Lifespan, safety of civil structures bridges is limited by its vibration with safety concerns from drivers who both see and feel the motion. Research assignment assessed interest among key decision makers responsible for design, construction, and operation of bridge structures with 45 bridge engineering firms, manufacturers isolation devices, and cable system manufacturers. Project enabled  company to accelerate decision on market entry, expansion for its new product line, establish leading market position.

6- Wireless gas detection and inspection-power utility operations-remote monitoring, security, data analytics

Supplier of fixed, portable gas detectors seeking to expand business in global power utilities, industry steadily adopting connected sensors,  advanced data analytics for faster system performance, improved collaboration, remote monitoring diagnostics, reduce system complexity,  enhanced cybersecurity. Wireless networks were expanding as part of control systems with interest in wireless gas detection solutions, communications, intelligent alarms, related technologies for plant operations, health and safety, IT, worker communications. Utilities also seeking to transform into more connected and distributed grids, with mobile work forces, centered around Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Assignment involved extensive interviews key decision-makers: Power Utility Plant Managers, Engineering, Instrumentation/Controls, Operations, Reliability, HSE, Automation, IT, Purchasing on current solutions, wireless applications of interest, future adoption plans, key features of interest in wireless gas detection, decision-making process. Project included custom spreadsheets specific plant (target customer) timetables for likely adoption 10 years forward including key contact decision-makers. Assignment provided company with tailored understanding of market opportunity, key drivers to adopt company new wireless solutions, different roles for fixed vs. portable gas instrumentation different plant areas, and competitive solutions and strategies

7-Nuclear plant equipment qualification testing-market assessment (electrical, mechanical, digital equipment)

Leading test, evaluation, equipment-qualification services firm for military programs seeking to broaden business in nuclear power market. Requirements changing due to recent safety problems Nuclear industry poised for tighter qualification testing. Although varying by reactor design, key changes anticipated in multiple safety-related electrical, mechanical systems, components used in plants, and testing of thermal and radiation aging, seismic and vibration simulation, cyclic aging, steam event simulations, electromagnetic radio frequency interference, other qualification tests. Assignment included detailed interviews with top power facilities on current practices, major challenges, possible future problems, current suppliers, how facility needs were changing, types of support services, pricing, qualification and selection, contracting approaches. Research also analyzed relevant regulatory changes, emerging market trends, delivering custom spreadsheets listing plants determined to be high potential candidates, and recommendations on channel strategies, prospects to target first. Assignment enabled company to greatly accelerate strategic planning, revenue generation

Accelerating Client Growth-Delivering Consistent Value
Securitas Critical Infrastructure Servic

"Our company has hired STS on several occasions over the past. We rely on accurate and timely market intelligence, particularly within various government and other segments. We have appreciated the excellent custom research and analysis STS Research Group has provided for this effort. The team has been accommodating to adapting to our changing needs. Excellent work." Vice President-Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services, Inc.

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