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Transportation Market Research Custom Client Projects

Maritime (commercial vessels, ports, harbors), passenger and freight rail, mass transit, trucking, highways, bridges. US, global transportation markets, private operators; public safety.

Project Examples 
Project Examples

Global Naval, Commercial Maritime Market Opportunity Analysis

Project Scope: A leading power systems provider for various military naval ships (aircraft carriers, submarines, surface combatants, amphibious, auxiliaries) and commercial ships was seeking to seeking to identify addressable opportunities for its power system solutions so as to accelerate business growth in the global maritime market.

The global naval market was expanding in areas such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, and other areas and this company required an updated global opportunity spreadsheet of the top 10 recommended pursuits including details on shipyards, naval architecture firms and other key influencers. This also addressed the global commercial maritime market which was expected to grow in the future, driven by increased trade and other factors.

Execution: This assessment was designed to be strictly incremental to what this company had or could easily assemble internally. Although there was already extensive published research and information on the global naval market, this company was particularly interested in specific naval and commercial ship platforms where there was an increasing requirement for high power and high speed, and where space and weight constraints were becoming a challenge. This fit very well with its unique capability and form factor offerings.

This research involved published data analysis but also significant emphasis on engagement with key decision-makers at foreign navies, commercial marine fleets, and multiple shipyards. Key topics included: advantages, disadvantages of its solutions? Ship types with greatest interest? Differentiated features that would give a significant advantage to preference its solutions? Decision-making and sales channel strategies(navies, shipyards, naval architects, effective BD strategies)? Specific opportunities with interest? Price levels and competitive pricing? 

ResultThis independent, custom market research assessment gave this provider of power systems an independent, comprehensive, and current sales road map and recommended market entry and channel strategies for a highly focused business development effort globally.  It enabled this company to better focus its resources in the highest potential areas across a global landscape that was evolving rapidly, as well as better define specific solution strategies and other actions it should take to ensure optimize future growth. 

New Vibration Damping Device For Bridge Structures-Market Assessment

Project Scope: A supplier of adhesive, coating and motion management technologies was interested in assessing market interest in a new vibration damping solution for cable-stayed bridge structures and other over-highway applications including commercial bridge overpasses. The lifespan and safety of civil structures bridges can be limited by its vibration and create safety concerns from people who can see or feel the motion.

STS client was trying to better assess this business opportunity during a period of increasing infrastructure, and engaged STS to conduct a detailed assessment among key decision makers responsible for design, construction, and operation of bridge structures (...)

Execution: STS conducted extensive secondary research as well as in-depth surveys with 45 bridge engineering firms, manufacturers of isolation devices, and cable system manufacturers.

Result: As a result of STS step-by-step custom research approach, Client was able to confidently make a fact-based, supported decision on market entry and expansion for its particular product line. Client also made follow-up sales presentations to five of the decision makers interviewed by STS.   

Transportation (Vehicle) Tracking Technology-Market Assessment and Strategic Partner Identification

Project Scope: A supplier of guidance and tracking technology for military applications was seeking to expand its business into smart highway systems as part of a corporate diversification strategy. Client required a comprehensive, custom analysis of potential demand in US and international markets for its unique solution, and engaged STS to research, screen, and recommend a suitable partner already well-established in this transportation supply chain.

Execution: Within eight weeks, STS had thoroughly screened 40 potential partners, narrowed short list to five, and initiated in-person negotiations with final candidates

Result: As a result of STS step-by-step custom research approach, a joint venture agreement was developed and successfully implementedTS.   

New Motion Control Actuation-Transportation (Rail, Ship, Transit) Market Opportunity Analysis

Project Scope: STS client, with unique capabilities in motion control actuation and motor technology, was seeking to expand to the global maritime shipping, railroad, military, and cruise lines. Problems in these domains appeared offer potential for STS client technology advantages of size, power output, and efficiency.nalities.

ExecutionSTS segmented transportation market segments into logical partitions by application; conducted secondary and primary research with market experts to better understand changing needs and emerging opportunities. Final report included top applications to pursue, based on logical scoring established by STS, and other critical information for immediate use by client.

Result: As a result of STS research, Client was able to quickly establish development priorities with reliable information and direction.

New GPS, Satcom Solution- International Transportation Market Assessment-(European, Asian Passenger and Freight Rail, Urban Transit)

Project Scope: Leading high-technology manufacturer of integrated electronic and display systems was seeking business diversification in the European transportation rail market and also to Asian passenger and freight rail operators. System incorporated GPS, SATCOM, Internet, and other functionalities.

Execution: STS conducted detailed primary and secondary research generating supportable calculations on market demand, growth, market share projections, key customer requirements, and other measures of direct relevance to client new product direction.


Result: Project provided critical initial guidance for company’s international diversification, and set stage for expansion beyond traditional core markets  

Accelerating Client Growth-Delivering Consistent Value

"I would like to express Lord Corporation's gratitude for the excellent market research support you have provided to us over the last year. We find your advice and understanding of product development to be quite useful. As a technology-driven company, we are often eager to invest in technology/product development, but less inclined to invest in the necessary market research to help ensure our technology development efforts will be successful. By working with your company, we are beginning to fill the "up front marketing void" and address many of the critical business issues. I am confident that the Lord/STS partnership will lead us to greater success." Director, Mechanical Research and Development-Lord Corporation

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